If you are lucky enough to visit Africa, more specifically South Africa and Namibia, you will literally find one of the most popular food in the world. Dried meat is known as biltong in South Africa and is extremely popular. It can be compared to beef jerky in The United States, however the taste and quality can’t be compared. South Africa is known all over the world for it’s delicious biltong and people come from all over the world to try it.

The amazing aspect about biltong is that it comes in all different forms. All different types of meats are used to produce it. Some of the animals which are used to make biltong, come from the amazing wildlife such as kudu, wildebeest and springbok, some of which can only be found in African countries.

A specific drying process is used, which makes it a very different beef jerky. It is also air dried and the drying process and time is much slower. This in addition to the meet being flavoured and spiced in a very specific manner.

Although biltong may be one of the most popular food in the world, it can only be found on the African continent. If you are able to get to one of the many casinos in South Africa, you will discover that they will always sell biltong. Biltong is sold as an exclusive snack and it is a great bite to eat when you are gambling. It also goes very well with a glass or two of red wine, while you are playing your favourite casino game.

One of the best aspects about eating biltong, while you are at a casino gambling is that it really does make the perfect snack. It is a healthy snack which is made up of pure protein, and is very clean and safe to eat.