East African foods are well known for their taste and flavour all over the world. This part of Africa is really filled with beautiful nature,animals and scenery. There are many adventures and fun to have in the different Eastern African countries. They are very affordable, especially if you don’t come from the area as you really will be able to get alot for your money. The culture and heritage is really something that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime if they can.

The food is just as good as the scenery if this is even possible. East Africa is a wonderful place to go to, especially if you are looking to experience a real life African Safari. You literally will be able to experience a once in a life time opportunity, of seeing the “big five”. The big five are animals, which are only found in Africa, are known throughout the world. These animals are the African elephant, the African lion, the Cape Buffalo, the rhinoceros and the African Leopard.

The tastes of East Africa are amazing too. There are plenty of fabulous East African restaurants, which are filled with delicious foods. You can even go for the full experience, which is going to a Safari park, which also has a casino. Here you will be able to enjoy the amazing African wildlife, the sunsets, the animals, gambling and the very best East African restaurants.

One of the best things about this type of food, is that they take hours on end to prepare most of it. This means that you will be able to really experience food, that has really taken a long time to make. The flavors literally are excellent because they have been brewing and preparing it for such long periods of time. They wait until everything is perfect before serving.